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Important 🔜 I am amalgamating my Insta posts to @absolutely_patsy . So I am now only posting on that handle. Please follow for posts on writing, art, lifestyle and my two Shitzs 🤪.
Project; Let’s Write Love The magic wand to writing is writing. There is nothing complicated about it, just start. Find that space and time, and simply begin to write your stories as blogs. When I started, I wrote chapters in a short story format as I went along. I published them as blogs. Later on, I headed into the editing process, which I will cover later on, organizing and editing my blogs into the book. Don't overwhelm yourself by believing you are starting to write a book. That's not how writing works. You write a sentence, then a paragraph, then maybe if you're lucky, an entire chapter. Writing happens in fits and starts, in bits and pieces. It's a process. You take one step at a time, then another and another. To help you kickstart your writing, I am going to give you a prompt. And that is the Word' Love'. It sounds simple, but the truth is love is a complex web of action and emotion. It's an emotion that runs through every story in all guises. It can be pure love, deep love, lonely love, anxious love, abusive love, conflicted love, whatever kind of love you are feeling or experiencing. Below some examples to help stimulate your creative juices; 1 Love in Isolation. 2 Family Love 3 Love for a partner 4 Lost Love 5 Broken Love 6 Enduring love 7 Obsessive Love 8 Love of a Pet 9 The pain of Love 10 Dangerous Love 11 Happy Love This exercise will help you understand your voice in your style of writing. : : You can email me your writing and let’s build a safe place for us to create and share together ❤️ Get started, keep writing. Stay Safe, Stay Positive, Create, don't Despair. Dress @onjenu : : : : #amwriting #writingcommunity #covıd19 #selfisolation #writelove #ireland🇮🇪 #vision2020 #imagemagazineireland #theglossmagazine #voguemagazine #creativewriting #irishwriters #writingtips #howtowrite #covid19ireland #coronavirusireland #staysafe #createeveryday #createdontdespair
Hi everyone, just a little reminder to find that space and start your writing. Last post on my grid- Writing 1 - What, Why, Knowledge, stay on it. : Get writing, keep writing and email me. Chat tomorrow. Stay Safe, Stay Positive, Create don’t Despair. 💃 #absolutelypatsy : : : . #staysafe #stayhome #letswritetogether #letswrite #writingprompts #writinginspiration #womenover50 #amwriting #psychologicalthriller #fictionwriter #memoir #creativewritingsociety #writingcommunity #womenempowerment #covıd19 #covid19ireland #lovindublin #vision2020
Like so many of you I am looking after my mum and dad in their older age. As I am in self isolation right now it’s proving very difficult and worrying. Mum who is not well fell a few times last night and my poor 92 year old dad finding it hard to cope. It breaks my heart that elderly people have to go through all of this alone during a time when we should be with them and hugging and minding them. Still waiting to be tested. Lots of love to all the elderly out there 💗 : : : : #covid19ireland #staysafe
As Promised today is the start of writing our way through these difficult times. Today's project below. What - What do you want to write about? There are so many genres in writing: Romance, Fantasy, Thriller, Detective, Mystery, Adventure, Horror. Or you might want to write a memoir, or what you are going through right now, possibly as a blog. And then there is Young Adult Fiction and Children. Whatever you want to write, it's essential that in a few hundred words, you outline your idea. That's the first thing for you to do today. : Why - Why do you want to write it? Similarly, write a few hundred words on why you want to write. That will help you understand what your end goal is. Do you want to have a novel at the end, or a series of short stories, start a blog, publish or for own satisfaction? : Knowledge - What is your experience, understanding, comprehension of your subject matter? ‘Write for yourself; rewrite for others'…this is one of the most excellent writing tips for beginners anyone could give you. Know your subject, but equally as important, know your audience better than they know themselves. Act as if you are speaking to one person and write accordingly to create an emotional tie with your readers. : The Magic of Writing Writing is magic, from your imagination, you can create something quite literally out of nothing. Once I started the process of writing, I began to love it. I found myself looking forward to my allocated writing time, excited to see where I was going with the characters and story. The best way to do justice to writing is to love it. Once you start enjoying the process as I did, it will come naturally to you, and you'll look forward to writing every day. Your magic wand to writing is to simply put your fingers to the keyboard or pen to paper. Set a time, be disciplined, and reveal in your writing. Be consistent and keep the words flowing regularly. Try and notch up a few hundred words every day, so you don't lose the thread the magic touch. : Email: Top @onjenu. Love @tommazer #absolutelypatsy
My babe Olliepop telling me how much he loves me as I self isolate, not feeling great, waiting to be tested. @petbond_ireland : : : : #absolutelypatsy #covid19ireland #dogslove #dogslife🐶 #lovemyshihtzu #mentalhealth #staysafeoutthere #selfisolation

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Hi,  my name is Patricia Tsouros.
Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 15.45.12

I was born in London to an Irish mother and a Greek father. I have a sister a year younger than me.

I grew up traveling the world, absorbing diverse cultures from Pakistan to India, Syria to Egypt, Jordan to Lebanon, Italy  to Athens, New York to Israel.

photophoto copy

On the 19 July, 1985, at 1.05pm  the most memorable event of my life happened. I gave birth to my beautiful, loving, wonderful daughter.  I was in my early 20s, living and working in London.

photo copy 4

Three months after she was born her dad and I broke up.  I packed up lock, stock and barrel and moved to Dublin for a fresh start.  I fell in love and married my Irish husband 24 years ago. Although Ireland has become my home, I remain a wanderer at heart. I love my dogs, and presently the centre of my life is Olliepop, a one-year-old Shitzu and my latest addition Bettyboop  (Princess).

DianaRoss (Princess)

Olliepop and I.

Olliepop and I.

I always worked and played hard. Having lived amongst a lot of sufferings, in war-torn regions, unstable regions, poverty-stricken regions, I recognize the privilege of living in peaceful and safe surroundings. My life was truly honored.

Late in 2012, I experienced a severe destructive trauma; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): it is not a mental illness. It is an injury; an emotional trauma injury which continues to have a resounding impact on my life and that of my family and friends.  I had been in an emotionally abusive relationship that ended horribly impounding the abuse from which I suffered PTSD. At that stage, I started a poetry blog; Poetry on Life’s Journey.

“We became locked in a crazy love until one day I quite literally was forced out of a coma and had to choose life over him.”

I look back at the spirit, excitement and the journey of my life and wonder how I lost my way so badly. I see a passionate, strong, independent, sane woman slip into a desperate, weak, dependent, crazy one in just one year. Writing the poetry saved my life.

The poetry was the catalyst for On The Edge on Emotional Abuse and ‘Micro Chapters’ – in which I told my story.

Due to the legal case against Paul Allen, I was advised to remove the Micro Chapter Posts.

I am writing a book  Eventide Love –  Factual Fiction Psychological Thriller based on my story. At the moment I post synapsis on the blog. The book is in the process being written.

A sincere Thank You to everyone who has supported and encouraged me with my writing; it has been a wonderful and often heart-rending experience.


Email Address –

“For the last couple of years, I have been in a tumble dry cycle – hurled around, hitting against the sides of the drum, erratically lacerated, mangled, being knocked and jolted about some more, not knowing how bloody long the cycle would continue for or where the next blow would come from. Then suddenly, intermittently, the cycle stops. I violently jolt to a screaming halt…………. I am knocked senseless by it; the trauma is so great, it’s unrelenting.”

The court case with Paul Allen PR  finally came to fruition on December 16, 2014,  from which I was vindicated and validated. Now it’s all over.
Article Sunday Times - December 21, 2014.

Article Sunday Times – December 21, 2014.

Special thanks to Ciara Matthews my solicitor from Gallagher Shatter SolicitorsBarrister Liam Bell and Michelle Cahill my Psychiatrist for their patience, care, belief, and support. And thank you to everyone else that worked with me to recovery.  

A very special, heartfelt  Thank You to my family and friends who stuck by me and understood.  

Thank you to everyone for following the unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty.  I am most grateful. You gave me the strength and courage to keep going. I will be back in the first quarter of 2015; until then I hope you have a wonderful start to the New Year. xxx
I finish with a quote by Yo-Yo Ma;    ‘Things can fall apart, or threaten to, for many reasons, and then there’s got to be a leap of faith. Ultimately, when you’re at the edge, you have to go forward or backward; if you go forward, you have to jump together.’

More Information –About Me  –  LinkedIn

Poetry On Life’s Journey – Poetry Blog


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