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I am now a reflection of your sensuality, your smile, your playful green eyes, of your guidance and mostly of your venom 🤜 #psychologicalthriller🤛; link in profile. :
 #mystory #blogtobook #quotesonlife #eventide_love #amwriting #emotionalabuse #hitchcock #davidlynch #psychologicalabuse #psychologicalwarfare #mustread #myblog To all you women starting off 2018 as fabulous as you always are #metoo :
#psychologicalthriller #emotionalabuse #womenempowerment #bossgirl #livelifefree #abfab #patsystone #eventide_love #amwriting #mystory #hitchcock #davidlynch “The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.” #newyearquotes :
Whatever your goal is for 2018 attack it with energy and passion. I hope 2018 brings you what you want. For me it’s finally completing my book; a dark reflection of dangerous love. #psychologicalthriller #emotionalabuse #amwriting #mystory #lovestorypic #artwork🎨 #contemporaryart #livewithart #blogtobook #eventide_love “It's the hunt and the kill
The schemes and the plots
blood and it's guts
It toke my breathe, cut and left a scar
It's rage and it's hate
And a sick twist of fate
And thats the truth about your love for me.” Hey YOU,  Hear Me Roar  #emotionalabuse as a #psychologicalthriller #mystory #amwriting #ireland_passion #truestory👊 #writinglife #alfredhitchcock #davidlynch #blogtobook #lastedits Eventide Love; Emotional Abuse as a Psychological Thriller, based on a true story. #psychologicalthriller #emotionalabuse #mystory #amwriting #domesticabuse #blogtobook #eventide_love #badlove #psychologicalabuse Repost from @ptsouros “Hey YOU,  Hear Me Roar your #emotionalabuse in a #psychologicalthriller.” I have been writing my book waiting for the right time to publish. With all that’s going on around abuse, the bill making #psychologicalabuse a Crime in #Ireland, following in footsteps of the #UK, and heading into an #irish presidential election there is no better time than 2018. And I am in roaring form. The Eventide blog has over 22,000 followers giving glimpses of abuse as short chapters. Link in profile.

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The mind in motion- TEDxGalway.

I am sharing this inspiring talk by Norah Casey, which took place as part of TEDxGalway.

Galway is a city in the west of Ireland, lying between the Lough Corrib and the Atlantic, in Connemara; a region of stunning scenic grandeur dominated by the rocky mountain range known as the Twelve Bens. Galway town is famous for its cobble-stoned streets that transport you back in time to Medieval Ireland. It is a destination for many who want to refresh their flagging spirits in a beautiful and inspiring setting.

Nora Casey speaks for herself in this inspirational talk on Grief.

Just as a dopamine crash plays a big part in the desperation of grief, it is the same concept that affects anyone who has experienced and escaped from emotional abuse. Withdrawal and grieving occur when an emotionally abusive relationship ends. Your body and brain go into shock. The person who is physically dependent upon a ‘substance; ( case of emotional abuse; the partner who feeds you the addiction) crashes and finds it impossible to recover from the suffering; looking back mournfully, wishing they could recreate those heady days of early romance. At this point it’s as if the body and the brain are “screaming out” for the substance ( the partner) on which they have come to rely. The DRIVE of addiction has kicked in, and the brain actually “believes” that your use (lost partner) is key to survival. This belief keeps the griever, at the moment and what you need is motion.

Please do me a favor and watch this Video and stick with it to the very end. It’s worth it.



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